Omurice is a Japanese omelette rice dish made out of eggs, tomato, rice, tomato sauce, chicken and other special ingredients. It is a Japanese staple dish that you must try. Here are the best Omurice restaurants in Shinjuku Tokyo Japan.

L’amour des trois oranges 3つのオレンジへの恋

L’amour des trois oranges 3つのオレンジへの恋

At this restaurant they have the normal tomato omurice and a special white sauce omurice. The special white sauce omurice is creamy, with spicy meat and fluffy omelette covering the top. A delicious meal.

Opening Hours

Monday – Saturday: 11: 30 ~ 15: 00 (or until soldout)

Closed on Sunday and public holiday


1-102-101 Totsuka-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

+81 3-3209-3151


RAKERU ラケル omurice

Omurice served in a pan which is rich, creamy and delicious. Very savoury and filling. A must go!

Opening Hours

Everyday: 11: 30 ~ 22: 00


1-12-7 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 2nd new building B1F

+81 3-3348-1385


たいめいけん omurice

Located in Takashimaya Shinjuku, this omurice place is delicious and simple. A good place to go if you want to eat omurice for the first time. Foreigner friendly and very good service.

Opening Hours

Everyday: 10:00 ~ 20:00


〒151-8580 Tokyo, Shibuya, Sendagaya, 5 Chome−24−2, 新宿タカシマヤ B1F Takashimaya Shinjuku

+81 3-5361-1111

Tamagotowatashi 卵と私 新宿サブナード店

Tamagotowatashi 卵と私 新宿サブナード店 omurice

This place serves Omurice on a hot iron plate, so it is always warm when you first start eating your meal. The rice delicate and delicious which they have a special sauce in which they also add an avocado in it. Delicious and affordable meal. Highly recommended.

Opening Hours

Everyday: 11:00 〜 23:00


1 Kabukicho Shinjuku Tokyo (Underground Shopping Centre)

+81 3-3341-4184