Smartphone & Tablet repair shops in Shinjuku

Desperate to fix your iPhone or android phone so you can use it on your trip in Japan? Or looking to waterproof or fix your battery life? Here are the places to go in Shinjuku Tokyo Japan to get your phone or tablet fixed.

iphone repair

iphone repair


Smartphone and tablet repairs for iPad, iPhones, android phones and tablets. One of the most affordable and professional places to repair your electronic equipment in Shinjuku. This place also waterproof your android or iphone. Very important if you work in a restaurant, pool or any place there is a lot of water. Also good if you are outside a lot like a construction worker, running or exercising in the rain.

S-Phone has several shops spread out in Japan.


Broken screen/ repair replacement – from 4,500 in 15 minutes.

Water damage repair – from 5,800 in 120 minutes.

Damaged battery or battery replacement – from 3,780 yen in 5 minutes.

Repair or replacement of buttons – from 3,780 in 15 minutes.

Repair or replacement of antennae or WiFi – from 3,780 in 15 minutes.

USB connection repair – from 3,780 in 15 minutes.

Repair or replacement of Microphone or Speaker – from 3,780 in 15 minutes.

Self repair fail – will quote on examination of phone or tablet.

Data recovery – Minimum 2 days to 2 weeks 27,593.

Waterproofing tablet or smartphone – 5,800 in 60 minutes.

If you need to fix and waterproof your smartphone – 5,800 + 3,240 in 75 minutes.

Opening Hours

Everyday –  11:00 ~ 20:00


2 minutes from Shinjuku station (Central East exit) or 2 minutes on foot from the Tokyo Metro Shinjuku 3-chome station “B5 exit”.

160-0022 Tōkyō-to, Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku, 3 Chome−28, 東京都新宿区新宿3丁目28−1

Tel: +81 3-6273-2121