Kimono Rental Shop

Do you want to experience Japanese culture and tradition? Then maybe a Kimono rental is what you are looking for without breaking the bank to buy a full Kimono set.

Japanese Kimono

Japanese Kimono

Transformation Studio – REI & R’s

REI & R’s will take a picture of your experience in Japan so that you can remember. They have 3 different rental and photography packages you can try in a professional Japanese traditional studio in Shinjuku.

The 3 different Kimono packages they have are:

Oiran  – Japanese Courtesan (royalty) dress
Kimono – traditional Japanese dress

Furisode – long sleeved Kimono

The makeup is provided for free and includes hairstyle, jewelry and kimono accessories. Try the perfect traditional Japanese cosplay experience


From 30,000 yen for each package. It can take up 2 hours for one package.

Opening Hours

Everyday: 11:00 ~ 22:00


162-0065 Tōkyō-to, Shinjuku-ku, Sumiyoshichō, 8−23

Tel: 03-3356-0615