Rolo Travel Bag Review

Product description

Organizer and carry-on bag with high-quality patented buckles which fits easily in airline overhead bins or carrying on the go.

Product Dimensions: 17 x 6 x 2 inches
Shipping Weight: 1.25 pounds (empty)
Item model number: ROLO-1

Costs: $45

Rolo Travel Bag is designed to replace your traditional travel packing bag which allows you to put all your clothes in an organized and compact manner. It rolls up in a compact manner which is easy to quickly allow you to pack your clothes and get the item you want.

Rolo Travel Bag unrolled

Rolo Travel Bag unrolled

The build quality is very good and is made out of a canvas material which seems to be water resistant. The clips on these bags are easy to use with minimal force to undo and has that satisfying click when you use it.

Inside the rolo bag there is a hook which allows you to hang your rolo bag on a clothes hanger for easy access of your clothes.

There is a military grade mesh which means it isn’t going to tear on you and your clothes are safely and secure in this bag. The top section is perfect to put your shirts and the middle mesh gives you plenty of room for your pants or long clothes.

There are plenty of space to put your toiletries in such as your toothbrush or shampoo. Putting your mobile or laptop charger is also very easy to access and insert into. The only issue when using Rolo travel bag is putting shoes in this bag. When rolling your shoes in this bag, it does not conform well to rolling – creating an unnatural bulge when rolled up.

When you roll the Rolo travel bag out, it seems bigger than what you think. It allows up to 4 – 5 days of clothes which is plenty for a bag that is designed for the overhead bin in the airplane.

Rolo Travel Bag space

Rolo Travel Bag has plenty of space when unrolled

When the bag is clipped up, you can carry it as an individual bag or in your luggage if you wish which saves quite a bit of space. It is surprisingly tiny when it is all rolled up.

If you like hiking or camping, you can use easily attach it to your hiking bag and quickly access your clothes when needed.

Rolo Travel Bag hiking

Rolo Travel Bag is perfect for hiking

The bag has a strong metal frame which is quite durable and gives a sturdy structure and build to this bag. Throwing this bag around in your hotel room is not a problem. This bag will last you for many years which also saves you time and accessibility.

Rolo Travel Bag on Motorcycle

Rolo Travel Bag on Motorcycle

So if you are quickly on the run or need to travel like on a boating, motorcycle or business trip, the Rolo Travel Bag is one of the best compact bags that you will own.

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